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A century, feminists across the globe have vigorously debated the political salience of prostitution, particularly as it relates to the experiences of women for over a half.

As Anderson and Andrijasevic (2008) note, ‘abolitionist feminists’ view prostitution as comparable to ‘sexual slavery,’ an expansion of ‘patriarchal domination over female sex,’ and understand it being a ’gender crime’ ( Anderson and Andrijasevic, 2008 : 139). Comparing prostitution to a sex criminal activity has gained traction in a lot of nations following a UN’s use associated with the Palermo Protocol in 2000, a guitar that frames efforts that are antitrafficking the lens of managing crime ( Anderson and Andrijasevic, 2008 : 136). Abolitionist ideologies provide help to criminal justice antiprostitution efforts, just exactly what Bernstein critiques as a kind of ’carceral feminism’ ( Bernstein, 2010 ). (more…)