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Exactly How A Marijuana Border Policy Can Deny Canadian Users Entry Towards U.S.

You admit to having used marijuana, you may be if you’re a Canadian and prohibited from going into the united states of america. Yes, those United States Of America, where medical cannabis is appropriate in several places.

The outcome of the Canadian guy whom ended up being rejected entry in to the U.S. because he admitted to presenting smoked cannabis recreationally has tripped a debate in regards to the energy being wielded by border agents and their usage of a federal legislation against marijuana usage.

Given plans that are canada’s legalize cannabis, you can find understandably some concerns in the government that is canadian the power for the residents to visit over the edge relatively unimpeded. What’s more baffling Is the known undeniable fact that residents from British Columbia will be crossing the edge into Washington State, among the four U.S. (more…)