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The Alumni System: A Family Affair. At USC, our alumni network is really so strong so tight-knit… so unique… for it: The Trojan Family that we even have a special name.

You’ve certainly heard about the Trojan Family, or at the least some reference to it. Yet it’s hard to truly realize the real ways in which the Trojan Family exhibits itself without actually experiencing it first-hand. Here, I shall do my best to offer you a feeling of what it is all about.

For starters, we’re BIG, with over 300,000 living alumni worldwide. Wherever you determine to settle, there would have been a group of Trojans there to support both your professional and personal pursuits. There are over 100 alumni organizations in major towns around the world that host networking events, local faculty presentations, and USC game-watching parties, simply to name a few. To learn more about our alumni groups, please visit our alumni website.

There are numerous benefits to being truly a USC alumnus. Individual benefits include discounts on food, travel, insurance, monetary solutions, etc. Yet, in today’s hard economic times, it is probably the professional benefits of being an associate of the Trojan Family that are most
The USC Alumni Association, together with the USC Career Center, provides alumni with multiple resources including:

-Trojans Hiring Trojans, an effort that offers alumni access that is free ConnectSC, a large online work listings database
-Fight On!line, a database tha (more…)