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Victim Spreads Word on Cash Advance Ripoff, Don’t Get Then

ABC Information Fixer hears from guy used by advanced-fee loan scheme.

They were asked by me why they couldn’t simply deposit the mortgage cash into my bank-account, nevertheless the financing agent said it absolutely was against federal laws. So, i obtained the card and scratched from the true quantity regarding the back and read it to him throughout the phone. He stated the funds could be for sale in a half-hour.

Twenty moments later on, he called right back and stated my Social Security quantity had been “red-flagged” and the income couldn’t be delivered. He stated he could get rid of the “red flag” for $500 – a figure that their attorney later on lowered to $203.

At that point, we stated i needed my $195 straight right straight back, then again they threatened to sue me personally for the total amount of this loan — financing I never received.

We understand now it was a fraud, and I also have closed my bank account. They most likely did this to a lot of other unsuspecting victims whom are simply attempting to make ends fulfill.

– Kevin Whitney, Philadelphia, Penn.

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Dear Kevin: We’re so sorry to listen to you have scammed out of $195. That’s a lot of cash, specially when funds are tight already. (more…)